Brad E.

Construction Detailer

“When people ask what brought me to Windemuller and to a career in construction, I have a simple answer: it was in my blood.

As a kid, I remember growing up around Windemuller. My dad, Tony, marked his 30th anniversary with the company this year, which means he’s been working here for longer than I’ve been alive (I’m 26). Dad’s an electrician, but I was always drawn to the construction side of things. I loved when my dad would take me to job sites or big events to mark the grand openings of buildings that Windemuller had worked on. From a very young age, I thought of construction as something that just sounded fun.

So it was that, after high school – plus a false start at college – I ended up starting my first “big boy” job at Windemuller. I started as an apprentice in the construction department, but worked my way up to a foreman position. I’m still learning the ropes: I’ve got three jobs under my belt now, and hopefully many more to come. But I love the learning piece of the work. It can be intimidating to be the 26-year-old kid in charge of a worksite crewed by guys with a lot more experience, but it’s also proven to be a huge blessing. Already, I’ve learned so much and gained such rich, valuable insight from the seasoned veterans I’m working with every day. Suffice to say, if there’s a 20-year journeyman electrician who wants to give me advice, I’m going to be all ears.

The people I work with at Windemuller are what makes the company great. We’re all part of a team, and it’s so palpable on worksites or in meetings that everyone feels that way. The team atmosphere goes beyond the job sites, too: Windemuller is an extremely family-oriented company, and it’s always a given that if someone has a family emergency and needs to take some time off unexpectedly, everyone else is going to chip in to pick up the slack.

No matter what my future at Windemuller holds – whether it’s leading progressively bigger jobs in the years to come to transitioning to a project management role – I’ll always be thankful for my dad and for growing up around this company I love. With the people, the professionalism, and the teamwork that exists at Windemuller, I don’t think I’ll ever stop growing here. That’s a wonderful feeling to have.”