Wind is Power

June 22, 2016, 12:00 am

CLIENT | Heritage Sustainable Energy
PROJECT | Big Turtle Wind Farm
PROJECT SIZE | 49 Megawatts
LOCATION | Huron County, Michigan
COMPLETED | November 2016


The Big Turtle Wind Farm design phase started in July of 2013 and once completed, from the design phase through construction, it would be 1 of 9 Wind Farms in Huron County. In order to make the plan a reality, a substation needed to be designed that met the voltage and power requirements of the International Transmission Company (ITC) and Midwest Independent System Operator (MISO).


This may sound like a difficult job, but for 
Windemuller it was a challenge gladly accepted. After successfully completing 2 other wind farms, it was time to take on another. The project was green lighted in September of 2013 and the 
talented Windemuller crew hit the ground running in April. 

To bring the Big Turtle Wind Farm to life, the design Windemuller put together for a 50mW substation that connects to the 120kV ITC transmission line had be put together. In addition to the substation, Windemuller did a design and build of a 35kV collection system to ten 2mW Gamesa G114 winde turbine generators.

With the challenge of a design build 
successfully completed, there was one more hurdle to over come. The Gamesa wind turbines had a new generator style and in order to properly wire the tower, the installation manual needed to be carefully reviewed.

After 9 months of tedious hard work, the Big Turtle Wind Farm was completed in December of 2014. What made this project a success for Windemuller was their experience, but also the talented teams from design to construction who helped bring this project to life. Windemuller looks forward to adding another Wind Farm to their resume and is always up for a challenge. 

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