Windemuller Celebrates ONE MILLION Safe Working Hours!

We are thrilled to announce that in July 2018, Windemuller celebrated the milestone of ONE MILLION safe working hours. The streak started in May 2016, with Windemuller achieving the million-hour milestone in July of this year. Safe working hour milestones are based on the number of total labor hours tracked by a company without any recordable Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) injuries.

Safety is a top priority at Windemuller. The company has a seven-person corporate committee dedicated specifically to safe working. All employees undergo detailed safety training regimens. Safety training includes mandatory courses for new hires, ranging from first aid to fire safety, as well as ongoing annual safety education requirements. Windemuller assigns specific training courses on an individual basis, depending on each employee’s job function and the kind of risks they might encounter in their day-to-day work.

Safety is a top priority at Windemuller.

“Our employees always come first,” said Devin Hill, Windemuller’s Corporate Safety Director. “We recognize that we can’t do our job or serve our clients if we can’t keep our workers safe and healthy. This milestone is an indicator of just how much attention has been paid to making worker safety the number one priority at Windemuller. Accidents are avoidable and preventable in our industry, which is reassuring for our customers, our employees, and our business as whole.”

In addition to personal kudos from senior management, Windemuller also celebrated the milestone with donuts, each symbolizing the zero injuries on the company’s record for the past two-plus years. Every employee also received a commemorative hard hat sticker to mark the occasion.

“I have so much gratitude for our entire team here at Windemuller, and for our customers and partners as well,” said Dave Beemer, President of Windemuller. “An accomplishment on this level does not belong to any one person, but to our entire company. I’m proud of everyone for sharing our commitment to safety and doing their part to reach this milestone. As with any achievement, our foremost goal now is to keep this one going. I’d love to see Windemuller hit two million safe working hours—or more—in the future.”