New Eyes in the Sky: Security Update

September 28, 2014, 12:00 am

CLIENT | Micron Manufacturing Co.
PROJECT | New Security Camera System
PROJECT SIZE | $20,000
LOCATION | Grand Rapids, MI
COMPLETION | August 2014

Project Overview

With the sophistication of security cameras continuing to improve, Micron Manufacturing Co. knew that it was time to update their current camera system in order to better secure their building.  Windemuller installed 4 Panasonic outdoor PTZ cameras and an Exacq Vision video management system.  The combination of these devices allows the system to hand off auto tracking and recording to each other.  What this means is, when a camera begins to auto track a person or a vehicle it automatically knows when the object being tracked will be out of its field of view.  It then sends the next camera a signal to pick up the tracking and recording without losing any video while it switches to another camera.

As with any installation, there can always be issues with equipment and programming, but Windemuller is dedicated to making sure that the customer is completely satisfied with their system.  In this particular install, the new Panasonic cameras were not performing the unique auto tracking and recording functions that had made the new system desirable in the first place.  This was puzzling, but the Windemuller Communications Team didn’t give up. They reached out to their resources at Panasonic and together they were able to solve the problem.

Even though this project hit a road bump, Windemuller was able to figure it out and offer the customer a video surveillance solution that they are completely satisfied with.


“The cameras are now doing what they’re supposed to be doing. We’re very happy! Thank you for sticking to it until you delivered what was promised. Many vendors would have disappeared and never finished the job. You guys are great and I look forward to future projects with Windemuller.”

 - Dave Seabrook, Technical Support



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