Underground Distribution - Medium Voltage

Underground Power Distribution Systems have long been an integral part of industrial, renewable, and large campus projects. Underground systems are better protected from the elements of nature and other outside damages than overhead distribution systems, and since they often cost less to install, they are worthy of your consideration.

Windemuller has designed and installed underground distribution systems across its work territory, ranging from 480V all the way up to 34.5kV. We are qualified to both design and install these underground systems, and we are readily equipped to generate and install them with speed, professionalism, and accuracy.

How can I eliminate my overhead distribution?

Windemuller will perform a site assessment, devising a plan to convert your overhead distribution system to an underground type (if possible). This assessment will include a cost estimate and engineering drawings for the possible solution.

Our Equipment

Windemuller’s Underground Distribution installations are carried out with excavators, backhoes, chain trenchers, vibra-plows, or some combination of them all, depending on ground conditions and positioning specifics. We can also bore directionally: beneath parking lots, roads, driveways, and sidewalks. Just tell us where you want the system and we will get it there.



Underground Distribution Projects

  • Garden Wind Project: 34.5kV Collection System
  • Maroa Farms: 13.8kV Distribution
  • Pfizer / Zoetis: Voltage Separation
  • Timber Wolf Lake Camp: 25kV Distribution