Transportation Onboard Camera Systems

Combining the world-class technology of Axis cameras and the ingenuity of our engineers, Windemuller customizes optimal solutions for transportation onboard video systems. We offer a wide variety of cameras, Video Management Systems (VMS), and supporting equipment to enable high-quality video, short-term and archival storage, live view, and automatic video offload.

One size does not fit all. Windemuller is your partner in success!


  • Industry leading video compression
  • Automatic offload of video — e.g. bus video cameras offload video when in range of the terminal
  • Live view of video — e.g. live video can be streamed while bus is in transit
  • High-quality video, superior to competitors
  • Multiple video management system software options
  • Short-term and archival video retention options
  • Customized and easy to use for all levels of your staff

Transportation Onboard Camera Systems Printable Handout - PDF