Transformer Oil Testing

Windemuller offers transformer oil testing for oil quality and dissolved gas analysis. This process takes an oil sample out of the transformer and tests for potential future problems. By repairing leaking bushings, defective tap changers, and temperature and oil level gauges, Windemuller is able to assure that your oil transformer runs at the highest level of efficiency for the longest range of time.

With more than 20 years of experience, a customer-friendly notification system that assures annual testing of each transformer, and in-stock, ready-to-go equipment, Windemuller is ready to perform testing, draining, refilling, and repairing on the spot, whenever your operations necessitate swift action.

Common Questions

How often do I need to check my transformer oil?

Transformers should be sampled and checked once a year to catch any possible problems and assure timely repairs.

Why do I need to check my transformer oil?

Transformer oil functions as an insulator between the metal parts of the transformer and the wiring within the tank. Over time, the oil can become contaminated with moisture or create combustible gases. By sampling and testing that oil, we can schedule a planned shutdown to repair or replace the transformer before a failure occurs.

Transformer Oil Testing Printable Handout - PDF