Time Lapse Video

Cameras on a project worksite can do more than just surveillance and security. At Windemuller, we are proud to offer time lapse video as a value-added service, either as a standalone service, or in conjunction with our other Video Management System (VMS) offerings.

Once installed on your worksite or project, time lapse cameras are configured to take still images at pre-defined intervals throughout the lifespan of the project. Once work is complete, Windemuller stitches the still images together into a compelling snapshot that tracks the project from beginning to end.

Time lapse camera services are valuable for numerous reasons. They provide an effective way to follow the progress of a project at a glance, whether it be for security monitoring or to keep track of key milestones on the job. Time lapse video can also serve as a valuable marketing or educational asset: a way for project owners to demonstrate what they are working on to their audience.

Windemuller offers flexible time lapse solutions, with customization options including:

• Lease or buy: As a customer, you’ll have the option to lease your time lapse cameras from Windemuller for the duration of the project, or to purchase the cameras and continue to use them after the project has concluded. For customers who choose the latter option, we can help repurpose and integrate the cameras into the VMS for security and surveillance purposes.

• Your choice of timing intervals: Whether you want to capture images hourly, a few times a day, or at the end of each day of work, we can configure your time lapse camera to document your project accordingly.

• Power and remote access: No power or internet service to your worksite? No problem. We can offer solar power solutions or cellular modems built right into the camera installation, so that it can function—and so you can still access the images remotely, on demand—regardless of the utilities available on your project site.

Our goal is to provide flexible solutions tailored to the needs of our customer. We will work closely with to make sure you get precisely what you want from this service, by leveraging the size and versatility of Windemuller’s many services to achieve the best result possible.

To learn more, contact our Technology Manager Homer Campbell at (616) 277-5654 or

Time Lapse Video Printable Handout (PDF)