Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Elevated Skin Temperature Screening

Windemuller understands that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the nature of how business is done. Although many organizations and buildings remain closed or operate with skeleton crews, the need for effective safety and security measures at these remains at an all-time high — for your facilities, your data and your people. And that need will increase as operations progressively return to normalcy.

In addition to providing a broad array of security products and services, Windemuller has partnered with innovative and industry-leading manufacturers to help you meet the increasing demand for thermal-sensing technology and solutions, including elevated skin temperature screening.

We can provide remote elevated skin temperature screening for lobbies and common areas, without potential exposure to other employees, helping to ensure a safer work environment. Our offerings can stand alone or be integrated into an existing Video Management System. In many cases, these can also be used for check-in and facial recognition.


Option 1:  Basic


In this entry-level solution, a camera on a tripod is connected to a laptop. As employees and visitors come in, they stand in a designated location and an individual monitors the laptop to determine if the visitor passes/fails the temperature scan. Optionally, a display so the employee/visitor can see the data the laptop operator sees.
    •    Basic system
    •    Monitored by a person
    •    No check-in ability
    •    Windows 10 laptop not included (add $1,000)
    •    $1,500 to $5,000

Option 2:  Intermediate

This mid-level solution features a standalone kiosk for check-in and temperature scanning. As employees and visitors enter, they stand in front of the kiosk tablet and follow the prompts. The visitor is notified if temperature is elevated and can be reminded if masks are required (the kiosk can check for masks). A text or email with results can be automatically provided.

    •    Automatic check-in and logging
    •    Face mask detection
    •    Automatic alarming and messaging
    •    Easiest setup
    •    $3,000+

Option 3:  Advanced

With the advanced solution, thermal cameras can be integrated into a new or existing Video Management System (VMS). As individuals walk into the view of any thermal camera, the system scans and reports temperature. If a high temperature is detected, the video is flagged and an alert is sent automatically.  

    •    Can scan multiple individuals and areas simultaneously
    •    Integrates with VMS
    •    Alert by text or email to staff to review video
    •    $10,000+

To learn more, contact our Technology Manager Homer Campbell at (616) 277-5654 or

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None of these manufacturers or products claim the ability to identify or diagnose coronavirus or any other illness/disease, nor should they be used for medical purposes. One of the purposes is to show temperature  fluctuations in relation to others within the sample population of coverage. Elevated body temperatures should be confirmed with secondary evaluation methods, such as medical grade contact thermometers. Public health officials should determine the significance of any fever or elevated temperature. Windemuller and its supplier partners acknowledge that it is not possible to thermally exclude or detect an individual infected with coronavirus or experiencing coronavirus symptoms, or any other disease or illness. It is solely the responsibility of the end user to comply with any and all privacy rules, laws or regulations associated with the taking of temperatures of employees and individuals.