Josh V.

OU Technician

Well, I guess I should thank my old high school hockey coach…

Let me explain: Back in high school, in addition to playing hockey, I was already really interested in electrical work. I attended the career-tech center in my hometown to start learning the ropes of the electrical trades, and I quickly knew that’s what I wanted to do with my life after I graduated. The key would be finding a job at the right company.

That’s where my high school hockey coach, Denny Kadzban, comes in. He worked at Windemuller at the time (still does!) and when he heard that I was interested in the electrical trades, he encouraged me to apply for a job with the company. I ended up getting hired just a few days after graduating high school, and the rest was history.

That was 2007. I’ve been here ever since and can’t think of a better spot to have started my career, or a better place to be as I continue to grow as a skilled trades professional. In the early days, I was working in construction. Then I spotted the outdoor utility guys on a job one day and all I could think of was how fun working outside all the time sounded. A few phone calls later, I was on the outdoor utilities team – and loving (almost!) every minute of working outside.

I love the variety of my work. I can be pulling underground cable for the City of Grand Rapids one day, working in a bucket truck out in the sunshine the next, and helping with wind turbines and solar panels a day after that. I even love the travel piece, and how my role as the “bucket truck guy” takes me from Kalamazoo to Traverse City to Midland, all depending on the day.

Almost 15 years into my time at Windemuller, it really feels like home here. I’m so glad to be at a company where the team treats you like family, where the leaders trust and empower you to do the work without micromanagement, and where job safety is THE priority rather than just another afterthought.

So again, I guess I ought to thank my hockey coach! His tip led to a great job and a great life, and I’m grateful for that every day.