Standby Generator Installations and Upgrades

Whether a large power outage occurs at home or at your place of business, this can be frustrating and inconvenient no matter the circumstance. Standby generator installation is always a viable option that can alliveate some of the stress you may experience. These units will allow you to continue your daily activities without interuption.

At Windemuller, we have a long history of experience in all kinds of generator installation. We are here to help you plan and prepare for the unexpected. 

Our Capabilities Include

  • Residential generator installations
  • Commercial generator installations
  • Industrial generator installations
  • Residential maintenance contracts

Benefits of Upgrading your Generator

Is now the time to upgrade your generator? By upgrading your generator now, you can expect:

  • Security: Severe weather is inevitable, however the power outages that follow can be avoidable. Installing a new generator guarantees a dependable power source, giving you peace of mind with reliability standards.
  • New Technology: Today’s cutting-edge generators offer the latest and greatest technology to ensure your equipment is dependable when needed. New generators offer advanced technology with a more sustainable, reliable and quieter experience.
  • Better EPA Compliance: With the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulations consistently being updated, it’s critical that you remain up to date with today’s recommendations. Upgrading your generator will ensure you are current with the latest environmental standards
  • Warranty: Unlike older generators, you’ll be protected for a prolonged period. With a new warranty, you can feel at ease knowing that you are covered from maintenance labor and parts expenses.
  • Easy accessibility to parts: Many companies stock their inventory based on popularity and newest model, thus meaning you’re less likely to find required parts if you have an outdated generator. As your generator ages, parts become harder to find and prices increase due to lack of availability.
  • Investment in your family and your business: No matter your generator’s location, at home or at your business, you’ll always have a functioning facility. Whether you are working from home or in the office, you won’t have to deal with a loss of power, or more importantly, a loss of productivity. You’ll be able to focus on yourself and/or your business with a reliable generator.