Upgrading by the Gallon

December 16, 2016, 12:00 am

CLIENT | City of Traverse City
PROJECT | Water Treatment Plant
PROJECT SIZE | $870,000
LOCATION | Traverse City, Michigan
PARTNERS | Franklin Holwerda Company, J & K Communications

After decades of hard work, the Traverse City Water Treatment Plant’s entire control system was ready for an upgrade. The facility, which provides millions of gallons of high-quality water to residents and businesses of Traverse City and surrounding townships each day, was finding it increasingly difficult to maintain the system—partially due to the scarcity of replacement parts, which were discontinued by the manufacturer.

Windemuller was selected to build and install an advanced and reliable SCADA system, new PLC programming, and several HMI locations throughout the plant—along with electrical connections to all of the equipment. (Goodbye old school analog meters!)

With thousands of water customers relying on Windemuller’s success, the new system was installed in phases so the treatment plant could continue operating without interruption. The new operator interface allows the City staff to more closely monitor and collect data for reporting. Maintenance issues are resolved and the treatment plant operations are optimized for years to come.

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