Historic Meets High-Tech

October 25, 2017, 12:00 am

CLIENT  |  State Street Marketplace/ Monkey Fist Brewing
PROJECT  |  Design-Build, Electrical
PROJECT SIZE  |  $1.3 million
LOCATION  |  Traverse City, Michigan
PARTNERS  |  Grand Traverse Construction, D&W Mechanical, Environmental Architects

From the moment Windemuller began working with State Street Marketplace and Monkey Fist Brewing Company, everyone involved knew it would be a special project. A historic feel and family atmosphere create a unique gathering place with craft beer, good food and local artisans. The location itself is also rich in Traverse City history. The building was a dry cleaner for decades and before that, once served as the horse stables for the Traverse City Police Department.

Some of the historic qualities that made the project unique also created difficulties. A competent electrical design-build team was needed, and Windemuller was ready for success.

The first challenge came during the initial demolition, when asbestos and lead paint were discovered and contractors were vacated from the jobsite. The second challenge was tearing out and repairing the entire foundation. Concrete containing vintage horse troughs had to be removed, replaced and all footings shored. With a firm deadline and shifting plans, Windemuller hit the timeline and delivered high quality work.

The community marketplace is now home to 10 local businesses. Windemuller is a proud partner in the success of this exceptional fresh space.

“Windemuller was agile. Many large companies are not able to switch directions quickly when things on the job site change. They always accepted the changes with a smile and delivered a great result. Windemuller has job site managers that not only know how to do the job, but lead their team of electricians in a way that is both professional and high in quality. We needed an army of competent people for our project. Windemuller provided that and more. They are a great company to work with.”
- Deven Larrance
Monkey Fist Brewing Company
General Operations Manager

• Electrical design
• Installation of an 800amp, 3phase,120/208v, the main electrical service
• High efficiency LED lighting installed throughout the facility
• State of the art lighting control and dimming panels added
• Installation of several thousand feet of underground electrical piping to supply vendor spaces
• Electrical wiring to all pumps and tanks in Monkey Fist Brewing

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