Marina Guard Protection Systems

The combination of water and electricity can create a hazardous situation, especially in a busy marina. Boats continuously connecting to and disconnecting for shore power, poor ground bonding, “hot” conductors touching ground, and corrosion can lead to the possibility of electric current flow ending up in the water. This situation can become hazardous for people who may come into contact with the water, resulting in severe injury or even death by electric shock drowning.


To ensure your marina’s waters are safe for boaters and swimmers, Windemuller’s experienced and diverse electrical team:

  • Installs a Bender ground fault monitoring and protection system
  • Provides annual system testing and maintenance
  • Detects electrical current in the water and sounds an alarm
  • Monitors live feeds for ground faults
  • Meets National Electric Code NFPA 70 / NEC and NFPA 303 requirements

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