Leachate Evaporator Systems

Windemuller has helped with the installation of LFG Specialties' patented leachate evaporation system (E-Vap) which beneficially uses landfill gas energy to evaporate leachate.

The innovative E-Vap provides integrated, long-term control of these regulated landfill by-products in one reliable and proven process. This solution offers real cost savings for liquid disposal. In addition, the E-Vap mitigates liability associated with off-site leachate transfer.



Leachate Evaporator Projects

  • Waters Landfill – Waters, MI
  • Northern Oaks Landfill – Harrison, MI
  • Glens Landfill – Traverse City, MI
  • Sampson County Landfill – Roseboro, NC
  • Forest Lawn Landfill – New Buffalo, MI

Leachate Evaporator Projects Printable Handout - PDF