Instrument Calibrations

In the calibration of process control instrumentation, specifically when it comes to dealing with variables such as pressure, flow, and temperature, Windemuller works like a well-oiled machine. We operate by comparing a known standard to the instrumentation, verifying the known standard to the unknown and adjusting the instrumentation to match the standard.

Windemuller offers competitive pricing and consistent customer communication. We give our calibration documentation directly to the customer, both electronically and physically. We have built relationships with our customers: they trust us and use us consistently, every year.

Our Equipment

  • Industry Standard, Fluke 787, 725
  • Altek 830 Pressure Monitoring Calibrator
  • Temperature Probes
  • All tools are ANSI standardized every year to ensure accuracy.

Common Questions

Why is instrument calibration important?

When reporting to the DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality), accuracy in measurement is critical.

Do the instruments really “drift” from zero?

Yes, it is quite common to have instruments drift further off zero or span, especially the more they are used and the older they get.



Instrument Calibration Projects

  • Big Rapids WTP
  • City of Hastings WTP
  • Mackinac Island WTP / WWTP
  • Nestle / Gerber
  • City of Gaylord WWTP
  • Little Traverse Bay Environmental Project
  • Manistee WTP / WWTP

Instrument Calibrations Printable Handout - PDF