Infrared Inspection

Infrared (IR) inspections are a building diagnostic service that use thermal imaging to locate potential problems or inefficiencies. At Windemuller, our team of licensed electricians is pleased to offer thermal imaging of electrical connections and equipment. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our seasoned staff works quickly and effectively, prioritizing issues and offering solutions to any problems found along the way.

Common Questions

Does our plant need to be running while the inspection is being performed?

Yes, any equipment tested should be under full load in order to generate the most accurate and applicable results.

Is it best to do this testing during the hot summer months?

Testing can be performed on most equipment at any time of the year however, air conditioning loads should be tested during the summer months while they are under full load.

What type of equipment should be tested?

Anything that can be costly in case of downtime, including machinery, service equipment and major distribution equipment.

Infrared Inspection Printable Handout - PDF


IR Inspection Projects

  • Biewer Lumber
  • Magna International
  • Mackinaw City Water Department
  • Mercy Hospital