Distance Learning Technology

Distance learning has become a necessity for many schools reopening this academic year. Do you have the technology your students and teachers need? Windemuller specializes in classroom technology that supports distance learning on almost any platform.

With the uncertainty surrounding the school year and beyond, now is the time to ensure your district has the technology ready to support distance learning.
Windemuller delivers an exceptional experience both for teachers and students by providing and installing easy to use video cameras, microphones, displays, and additional technology.
We specialize in classroom tools for almost any platform. Each system is customized for your specific needs and budget, whether it is document cameras, interactive displays, whiteboard cameras or additional advanced technology. Windemuller is prepared to exceed your expectations during these difficult times. Let us be partners in your success.

To learn more, contact our Technology Manager Homer Campbell at (616) 277-5654 or

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