Commercial Scale Wind

Windemuller specializes in turnkey design and installation of commercial scale wind turbine systems. Sizes can range from 2.4kW Skystream type units on 50-70ft. towers to 250kW units on 90m towers. Interconnections can be made directly into the customer's electrical system or metered separately separately through the utility. Custom communication and display packages are available on request to show energy saving and equivalents.

Experience and a single point of responsibility make Windemuller stand out among the competition. We have the means to complete every stage of commercial wind projects, from design through to installation. Our engineering department uses the latest version AutoCad to produce design drawings, and our technicians have experience with Bergey, Skystream, and Endurance turbine installations. Windemuller even has its own equipment to install these turbines, so that our clients are dealing with the same team throughout the entire project timeline.

We have completed many projects in this vein over the past five years, often acting as the sole contractor to design, install, and commission commercial wind projects. We can source turbines directly, design the electrical and civil infrastructure, and install the entire system ourselves.

Common Questions

How is the wind turbine connected to the grid?

The turbine can be interconnected through the customer's existing electrical system or be directly metered and connected to the utility. The choice depends on the size of the turbine, the existing electrical system, and how the turbine should be metered.

If the turbine is connected to the existing customer electrical system, will it be able to supply power to all the customer loads?

If the turbine can supply enough power, it will be used at the customer site. If it produces less energy than the customer necessitates, the extra power will come from the grid. If the turbine supplies more power than the customer uses, the excess will go back to the grid.



Commercial Scale Wind Projects

  • Wyatt Wind Projects: 50kW
  • Holt 9th Grade Wind Projects
  • Irish Farms Bergey Project: 10kW
  • New Haven Middle School Wind Project